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Established in 1988

We are a full service heavy construction company who has continued to grow throughout Central Oregon over the past 34 years.  We strive to build long-lasting customer relationships and deliver exceptional service to each project we do. Latham Excavation's range of services include but are not limited to; site prep, mass excavation, street and road construction, rock crushing, subdivisions, utilities installation, landscape products, sewer systems, rock walls, ponds, and demolition. 


Currently Latham Excavation has over 60 employees, which includes; operators, laborers, truckers, mechanics, superintendents  office personal, and management. The core values of hard work and honesty are evident in all of Latham's employees.

No matter the size of your project we have the equipment, personnel, and materials to provide you with excellent service, timely completion, and competitive pricing. 

Please contact us with any of your construction needs at 541-382-8267.



At Latham Excavation we are committed to making safety the number one priority within our company. To encourage our high standard of safety, we are continually working to educate our employees on the latest in safety trends and programs. We understand at Latham Excavation that our actions not only affect the project we are associated with, but they affect employee’s families and personal lives as well.  Latham Excavation is a drug and alcohol free company and an equal opportunity employer. Through our desired commitment to safety we have been able to establish and maintain a low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) that has ranked us with the best in the industry.

Some of the practices we apply to promote safety awareness at Latham Excavation are:

 New hire safety orientation

 Weekly company-wide safety meetings

 Toolbox safety meetings

 Detailed Job Hazard analysis

 Daily task specific reviews

 Formalized safety committee within company

 MSHA and OSHA continuing education

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